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Free Shipping Available. Buy on eBay. Money Back Guarantee! Check Out Maker on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today COIN-M Futures Trading Fee Rate. Cross Collateral Interest Rate. Level. 30d Trade Volume (BTC) &/or. BNB Balance. Maker / Taker. Maker / Taker. BNB 25% off BitMEX - Lastly, BitMEX has its own program for maker and taker fee structure. The company offers reimbursements for order types, rather than value or column traded. Thus, maker fees for leveraged orders range from -0.025% to -0.050%. Taker fees work between 0.075% and 0.025%, depending on the cryptocurrency and type of contract. You can check out the details in a picture below. Read more about this trading platform in ou

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In many cases, takers pay higher fees than makers, as they don't provide the liquidity that makers do. As mentioned, the maker-taker fee structure depends on the platform. For example, you can see the difference in maker-taker pricing for Binance on its Fee Schedule page Limit buy order (Maker): Imagine you are going to buy 1 BTC from an exchange that uses maker / taker fee structure. The current market price (exchange rate) of Bitcoin is $5020. Now let's say you are assuming that the price of Bitcoin at some point will drop to $4700 and so you set a limit buy order at $4700. Now by adding additional BTC to the exchange order book you are providing liquidity to the exchange. This will help in bringing more volume to the exchange and thus. Usually, exchanges will charge makers a lower trading fee for their contribution to the market and for providing liquidity. For coinbase pro and binance, this fee is the same as taker fees at first levels (having a trading volume of less than $10k a month) but as you climb up the levels, the maker fees are lower compared to taker fees A person that wants to buy or sell 10 contracts of BTC/USDT which is currently priced at $60,000 will incur the following fees. Taker's Fee for using a market order (taker) = 10 x 60,000 x 0.075% = 450 USDT. Marker's Rebate for using a limit order (maker) = 10 x 60,000 x -0.025% = -150 USDT Aaron Gong, vice president of Binance Futures in Singapore, says most crypto venues operate what is called a maker-taker fee structure. This model originated in the late 1990s with the first electronic pools that sought to win liquidity from established stock markets

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  1. Maker fee 0.1% - 0.02% Taker fee 0.1% - 0.05% 8. Binance (depending on 30d trading volume, maker/taker fees vary
  2. Your Tier level and corresponding maker/taker fees are updated at 01:00AM (UTC). Due to the BKRW pair transaction fee discount event, the BKRW pair (Maker/Taker) is subject to a transaction fee of 0.01% during the event period. (Event period is subject to change anytime.) Level 30d Trade Volume (BTC) Maker/Taker No records found. Binance KR, Ltd | Unit 310, 25 Ttukseom-ro 1-gil, Seongdong-gu.
  3. For Binance, you'll pay.1% for both maker and taker fees. That fee drops to.02% for makers and.04% for takers when exchanging futures. You also get a 25% discount when using BNB, which is Binance's crypto token. This means two things
  4. To speak about maker fees and taker fees when discussing Binance DEX would however be inaccurate. The fee system is far more complex than that. Sure, the trading fees are 0.10% if you pay the trading fees in some other asset than Binance's own token, the BNB, and 0.04% if you pay them with the BNB. So that's easy enough to understand
  5. g from that order will be as a maker. These orders add volume to the order book, helping to make the market, and are therefore termed the maker for any subsequent trades
  6. General: 0.1% spot trading fee; 0.5% Instant Buy/Sell fee. By default, if you hold BNB in your account, your trading fees will be automatically deducted from your BNB balance. You get a 25% discount (subject to change) from your trading fee if you use BNB to pay for trading fees
  7. As you can see in the table above, users who've just started to trade USDT-margined pairs on Binance Futures pay 0.02% and 0.04% trading fees for their maker and taker orders respectively. So, if your trading volume is below 250 BTC, you'll be charged a 0.02% or 0.04% trading fee when you open and close positions
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Bitcoin price: the current price of Bitcoin, enter this to work out your fee in USD. Binance Fees Explained. Binance offers some of the world's lowest trading fees at a general rate of 0.1% per trade for maker and taker orders. They offer a reduction of 25% on all trading fees by holding a certain amount of Binance Coin (BNB). Read more about. Nearly all cryptocurrency exchanges have higher taker fees than maker fees, but the spread can vary a lot. On one extreme, there's BitMEX, which charges 0.075% on takes but pays a 0.025% rebate on provides. Binance, on the other hand, has a tiered fee structure with taker fees only slightly higher than maker fees Knowing whether you are a maker or a taker is important when trading on cryptocurrency exchanges as the trading fees often differ for each. Learn about what. Please view Binance.US Fee Schedule for Trading and Deposit & Withdrawal Fees The COIN futures fees doesnt have any BNB rebate as USDT futures. Maker fee: from -0.009% to 0.015%. Taker fee: from 0.024%to 0.04%. These are the lowest futures trading fees we have seen. For a full review on the Binance fee, see Binance trading fees and how you can get a rebate with Binance coin

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  1. Maker and taker trade orders are charged different fees. Maker Orders. A trade order gets the maker fee if the trade order is not matched immediately against an order already on the order book, which adds liquidity . You can use the Post Limit Order option to ensure that your limit order will be charged the maker fee or be cancelled. Maker fees.
  2. Visit for Binance Us Maker Taker Fee. Binance Us Maker Taker Fee: In brief, Binance is one of the most innovative cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. How to register? Step 1: Go to the Binance registration page. First click the link to go to Binance's registration page. Step 2: Fill out the form by entering your email and password. Password must be at least 8 characters with uppercase letters and numbers. After that, tick the box to agree to Binance's terms of use and click on the.
  3. MAKER REBATE TAKER FEES TAKER DISCOUNT LEO HOLDERS; $0.00 or more traded-0.0200 %0.0750 %up to -2bps: $1,000,000.00 or more traded-0.0225 %0.0725 %up to -2bps: $10,000,000.00 or more traded-0.0250 %0.0700 %up to -2bps: $30,000,000.00 or more traded-0.0250 %0.0675 %up to -2bps: $100,000,000.00 or more traded -0.0275 %0.0650 %up to -2bps: $300,000,000.00 or more traded-0.0300 %0.0625 %up to.
  4. Understanding Maker-Taker Fees in Cryptocurrency Trading. Maker and taker fees are two different types of fees that you may be subject to on a cryptocurrency exchange. We explain maker fees vs. taker fees. [1] Semantics: The term maker comes from the concept of a market maker. A market maker is one who provides liquidity to a market.
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  6. Binance account holders that trade less than 50 BTC during the previous 30 days will pay maker/taker fees of 0.1%, Binance's highest fee rate (more about what a maker/taker fee is). As transaction volume increases, so do fees. Binance's lowest fee rate is 0.02% maker / 0.04% taker. This rate applies to VIP 9 level accounts which require a 30-day trading volume of 15000 BTC or more. Deposit.
  7. Maker and taker fees on Binance. Binance offers a flat trading fee of 0.10%. According to Binance, it doesn't care about whether you are a taker or a maker. If you like trading without KYC, then this may be a good option. Maker and taker fees on CoinMetro. For a centralised exchange, CoinMetro is one that is worth checking out. Takers on the CoinMetro exchange pay a commission of 0.10%.

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As you can see in the table above, users who've just started to trade USDT-margined pairs on Binance Futures pay 0.02% and 0.04% trading fees for their maker and taker orders respectively. So, if your trading volume is below 250 BTC, you'll be charged a 0.02% or 0.04% trading fee when you open and close positions Orders die sowohl Maker-Order als auch Taker-Order sind. In manchen Fällen kann eine Order sowohl mit Maker-Gebühren als auch Taker-Gebühren verrechnet werden. Ein Beispiel: Trader A möchte 1 BTC für 10.000 EUR kaufen, daher platziert er eine Kauf Limit Order im Orderbuch und hofft darauf, dass der Preis auf 10.000 EUR sinkt, damit seine.

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Trading Fees vs. Actual Fees. The stated trading fees (def a ult tier) for maker & taker trades are only 0.1%. This is low in comparison to other exchanges, therefore you might think that the. Maker-Taker Fee Schedule. Transaction fee is based on your 30-day trade volume for all pairs, which is recalculated at 00:00 (GMT) each day and includes current day`s trades. Trade Volume 30d, BTC

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You will be charged maker/taker fees accordingly. Share. Improve this answer. Follow answered Jun 17 '17 at 17:48. Pixel Pixel. 614 5 5 silver badges 12 12 bronze badges. 6. Why would the exchange want to increase liquidity though? What does liquidity exactly mean in this context then. Because an order is not immediately executed, the money from the customer is frozen/put into the hands of Binance Futures trading guide. Step 1: Open your Futures account with a 10%+10% fee discount. Step 2: Transfer USDT from your spot wallet to USDⓈ-M Futures wallet. Step 3: How to open long and short leveraged positions on Binance. Binance Futures TP/SL explained - Take profit and stop loss orders Due to popular demand, we have extended the EUR & TRY Zero Maker Fe.. The main perk - considerable saving as Maker Fee is always 0. There is no Maker Fee. If you stake some XCM (CoinMetro native token) then you even receive earnings (30% to 50%) from Taker Fees from all your trade transactions. So if you stake some and act mainly as Maker, you earn each time when you trade. Staking also opens doors to considerable discounts from Taker Fee Cual es la diferencia entre ser Market MAKER o Market TAKER? Tutorial de Binance en Español, comisiones de Binance, explicado por la Binance Academy REGI..

Binance USDT futures fees are charged when you trade the COIN futures. The maker fees goes from 0.015% to - 0.009% and taker fees ranges from 0.04% to 0.024%. These trading fees can be compared to Bybit which charges -0.025% for maker orders and 0.075% for the taker. Bybit charges a flat fee and doesnt have VIP levels or other rebates Trading Fees. Coinbase Pro uses a maker-taker fee model for determining its trading fees. Orders that provide liquidity (maker orders) are charged different fees than orders that take liquidity (taker orders). Fees are calculated based on the current pricing tier you are in when the order is placed, and not on the tier you would be in after a trade is completed. When you place an order at the. Binance Extends Zero Maker Fee Promotion for # BUSD to December 2021 Fellow Binancians, Due to popular demand, we will be extending the end date of the Zero Maker Fee Promotion for BUSD to 2021-12-31 0:00 AM (UTC), a six-month extension from the previously schedul.. Binance Trading fees (Spot Trading) Binance offers a flat trading fee of 0.10%. Accordingly, Binance does not care about whether you are a taker or a maker. For investors who prefer to pick-up existing orders from the order book, this might be an attractive trading fee model Binance : Bybit: Binance: Transaction fee: 0.075% for takers and -0.025% for makers : 0.1% regular fee; 25% discount if you pay in BNB Leverage: Up to 100X Up to 125X (for futures) Deposit method: Crypto only Crypto and credit/debit card Customer support: Email, live chat and telegram Email and social media Security: Above averag

Current brokers who use the maker/taker fee structure are : Coinbase Pro; Binance; Kraken (Kraken also adds a margin fee on top of the maker taker fees when trading CFDs) CEX.io (CEX.io also adds a margin fee on top of the maker taker fees when trading CFDs) Previous post. Next post Leave a Reply. Click here to cancel reply. Name (required) Email (will not be published) (required) Comment . I. The VIP 1 Maker/Taker Fee for BNB will go through instead of the VIP 0 or VIP 1 USD Maker/Taker Fee. You will receive the full amount of $1000 in Bitcoin and instead 0.0675% will be deducted from the 1 BNB that you are holding. 0.0675% minus 50 BNB equals 0.000675 or 49.99925 BNB ; After your trade, you no longer have a balance of 50 BNB and now only have a balance of 49.99925 Binance Coin.

Binance Kullanımı, Maker, Taker, İşlem Ücreti, Binance Fees, Binance Exchange, Bitcoin Borsası, kripto para borsası, Binance Türkiye, binance al sat Coinpayments wallet (En Çok Coin Türü) https://bit.ly/KKDNFF Swissborg (100 Euro Bitcoin Kazanma şansı) https://bit.ly/3hWJYE Trading Fees. Our Binance Review UK found that the platform utilizes a market maker/taker fee structure. For all intents and purposes, if you are a casual trader then you will be defined as a market taker. This simply means that you are using the liquidity already available at Binance. Unless you are trading significant volumes throughout the month, then you will pay a commission of 0.1% per.

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  1. Binance hasn't yet disclosed details relating to the negative fee structure. To join the program, market makers must have 30-day trading volumes in excess of 1,000 BTC on Binance, and have.
  2. The Maker Taker at Binance Binance has various levels, or VIP levels, depending upon the volume of the trade over a 30 day period. It also takes into account the BNB/ Binance coin holdings unless the trader is at a general level. The maker taker's fees are charged or credited, starting from 0.1% to 0.02% depending upon which slab out of these the trader falls in. For example, if you trade more.
  3. Processing Fee. 0.9% fee for any stablecoins** and FX pairs. 1.5% fee for any other crypto. 3.75% + €0.25. 1.7% + $0.10 . Kraken uses a maker-taker fee schedule with volume incentives based on your activity in the past 30 days.*. Our fee schedules are built to encourage traders to engage with the market and to drive maximum liquidity
  4. What are the trading fees on Binance.US; Using BNB to Pay for Fees; Daily BNB Balance Calculation Mechanism; Daily BNB Balance Calculation Mechanism October 26, 2020 21:38; Updated; The calculation mechanism used to record daily BNB balance is Daily Average BNB Balance (including BNB held in normal Binance.US Accounts, and Sub-Accounts). Total Daily Average BNB Balance = Daily Average Account.
  5. Taker fee for Trader A = 10,000/8,000 x 0.075% = 0.0009375 BTC Maker rebate for Trader B = 10,000/8,000 x -0.025% = -0.0003125 BTC Hence, upon execution, Trader A will pay 0.0009375 BTC of Taker's Fee and Trader B will receive 0.0003125 BTC of Maker's Rebate. USDT Contrac
  6. Funding. On our Perpetual Contracts, such as XBTUSD, funding is exchanged between longs and shorts over discrete Funding Intervals. In your Trade History a positive amount means you paid funding for that Funding Interval; a negative amount means you received funding. BitMEX does not charge any fees on funding paid or received

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  1. Trading fees. Binance's 0.1% general fee is hard to beat. Especially if you take into account that they'll slash 25% if you use their BNB coin. And they offer even greater discounts for high volume clients. Kraken's fee is a little more variable. It oscillates between 0% and 0.26% and depends on the trading pair you're dealing with, your 30-day trading volume, and whether your order is.
  2. Novice traders who do not know the maker-taker fees end up losing a lot of money on unnecessary commissions but the more advanced traders avoid using market orders unless in very unique situations. Since most of the popular exchanges use maker taker pricing model, it is a good idea to avoid using market orders as well. Market Making Software. As an online trader, there are two main strategies.
  3. es profitability. In fact, many cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and others operate on a maker-taker fee structure. While the general assumption is that this price system benefits traders in terms of switching to exchange with lower fees, a recent research report has [
  4. Free 0.002 Bitcoin. Register Free. Help and Support. Login. Institutional Investors. Forgot Password? Current Coverage. TRADING WITH: Bitmex to Binance Maker Taker. Bitmex ETHUSD to Binance ETHBTC can achieve a 0.192% benefit delivering a 0.00004252 BTC margin reported from May . Bitmex to Binance Maker Taker. Bitmex to Binance Maker Taker. Author: Hadley Warren . Published: 7th May 2020 04:27.

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Confused by maker and taker fees on cryptocurrency exchanges? Want to find an exchange that offers cheap maker and taker fees? Then look no further than this article. By the end of this post, you'll know exactly what these fees are and cryptocurre.. When it comes to their trading fees, Binance runs a maker-taker arrangement. They will charge you a fee if you take liquidity and give you a rebate if you make a market. It also operates on a sliding scale based on the volume you trade. The fees range from 0.02% to 0.10%. This places them on the lower end compared to some of their other competitors. Binance also has its own proprietary token.

Paying Fees. The base fee that Binance puts on trades is 0.1%, which is both for takers and makers! However, you can reduce this if you choose to hold BNB on Binance; this will reduce your fee by 25%, which will leave you with a 0.075% fee. If you already are holding a BNB, Binance automatically uses the 0.075% as your default fee. Later on. I made a few sells/buys but I went to order page and see that there was no transaction fees associated with buys/sells above around 300$. Anyone else also like this? I honestly dont remember but I think previously they did charge. So did they recently change it? submitted by /u/ghfsigiwaa [link] [comments Maker fees: zijn procentuele kosten die een exchange je zal aanrekenen als je een order toevoegt aan het order book.Dus limit of stop-limit orders. Taker fees: zijn procentuele kosten die een exchange je zal aanrekenen als je een order wegneemt uit het order book.Dus market of stop-market orders. Indien je 30-daags tradingvolume niet hoog genoeg is, val je in de hoogste categorie van fees en. Binance is one of the most aggressive crypto exchanges in the crypto industry, constantly introducing new instruments and adding more and more trading options to its portfolio. This also applies to its fee structure, which is combined with its native token - BNB. Binance has a basic fee for Makers of 0.1% and Takers of 0.1%. With the volume. Binance Fees. In a competitive space, the fee structure of Binance is cutting edge. Its team members have sharpened their knives and are slicing the opposition apart. A flat rate of 0.1% is very enticing for any trader who doesn't need immediate fiat liquidation. Traders that use Binance's futures trading platform enjoy even lower fees, starting at 0.02% / 0.04% for makers or takers.

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Binance fees are based on a number of things which include your Account trading volume, your Commission Rate and you paying your trading fees using BNB. The most basic level which is VIP0. From the above structure, the account is fully verified and the trading fee is 0.1% for both Makers and Takers. Please, zoom into the picture to see more details. You should use my Binance Referral link to. Buy or sell orders can be subject to maker fees, taker fees, or a mixture of both fee types, depending on how they execute traditional brokerage account publicly traded partnership 7704 stocks the order book at the time. As always, don't forget to check the crypto search engine to ensure you are choosing the cheapest exchange. Coinbase is the perfect introduction to crypto trading and Binance. Le maker est donc un individu qui va imposer son prix d'achat ou de vente et qui va attendre qu'un taker se décide à lui passer commande. Alors qu'à l'inverse, le taker est une personne qui va acheter immédiatement au prix du marché, en répondant à la demande d'un maker. Frais et avantages relatifs aux ordres takers et maker Fee amount for Taker. Fee amount for Maker = 1 / Trade Price * (Fee %) * Quantity = 1 / Trade Price * (Fee %) * Quantity. or = (Fee %) * Notional Order Value = (Fee %) * Notional Order Value . Example. Traders A and B are both at the second level of the fee schedule (taker of 0.04% and maker of 0.015%).Trader A sends a market order for 100,000 contracts (100,000 USD) of Bitcoin-USD Futures.

Binance JEX Market Maker Recruitment JEX June 01, 2021 11:22 ; Updated; Follow. Dear Binance JEX users: Once approved Market Makers will enjoy preferential fees of -0.020% maker (rebate) and 0.025% taker for the first month after their successful application. After the first month,the requirements for staying in the program are as follows: Quantity requirement; Cumulative bids/offers on. Trading fees. Bittrex users benefit from a fee schedule that improves as users trade more. The more you trade, the more you save. The fee schedule below provides the applicable rate based on the account's 30-Day Volume and if the order is a Maker or Taker.. Trading fees are incurred when an order is filled by the Bittrex matching engine Register an account with Binance today. English. English 简体中文 繁體中文 (台灣) 繁體中文 (香港) 한국어 Русский Español (Internacional) Español (Latinoamérica) Español (México) Français Deutsch Tiếng Việt Türkçe Vlaams Português Italiano Polski Bahasa Indonesia Українська Filipino 日本 English (Australia) Português (Brasil) ไทย English.

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Maker and Taker Fees. Setiap kali seseorang membuat dan mengambil pesanan tentunya ada sejumlah biaya yang harus dibayarkan. Masing-masing bursa perdagangan memiliki jumlah biaya yang berbeda-beda tergantung kebijakannya, dan juga dapat bervariasi tergantung dari ukuran dan peran perdagangan. Dalam Bulan Trading Nasional ini, Tokocrypto juga menghadirkan beberapa promo yang dapat dinikmati. Mengenal Market Taker dan Market Maker dalam Trading Cryptocurrency. Trading Crypto Indonesia - Memang sering kali kita tidak sadar kalau dalam trading bitcoin atau altcoin pair IDR di indonesia dalam setiap transaksinya akan dikenakan fee. dan itu memang wajar. di exchanger manapun akan menerapkan sebuah fee. karena setiap perpindahan aset. Get 10% off taker fee & bonus API traders (both takers and makers) are still subject to 0.1% in transaction fees. Symbol Minimum Price Increment Minimum Order Value Max Order Amount Fees; BTC / USDT: 0.01 USDT: 10 USDT: 1,000 BTC: Zero fees for Premium and Premium trial users on web or app, 0.1% fee for Standard users, and 0.1% fee for API traders : ETH / USDT: 0.01 USDT: 10 USDT: 10,000. These trading fee discounts can be used cumulatively for fees as low as 0.015% maker and 0.03% taker. How the BNB discount works Users get a 25% discount on their trading fees when paying them. Negatieve maker fees. Hoewel de tarieven verschillen tussen beurzen, blijft het beloningssysteem voor makers en takers bestaan. Zo zijn bij Binance de in rekening gebrachte maker/taker kosten afhankelijk van het 30-daagse handelsvolume en het handelsniveau (VIP 0 to

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Free Crypto Free Crypto from Airdrops. Crypto Mining Latest Crypto Mining News. TradeStation Crypto Unveils New Price Plan With Reductions in Taker Fees of Up to 50% & Additional Maker Fees. CRYPTO CRYPTO NEWS Crypto Giveaway Crypto Giveaway. Announcements The Latest Crypto announcements.. See our list of cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges ️ Ranked by volume ️ Binance ️ Bybit ️ Bitmex ️ Kraken ️ And many more ️ Cryptos : 10,394 Exchanges : 381 Market Cap : $1,575,542,545,619 24h Vol : $107,611,407,611 Dominance : BTC : 43.6% ETH : 18.2% ETH Gas : 22 Gwe Nash Maker Bot. v1.8.5. This tool is a simple market making bot that will place BUY and SELL orders at the best price. No fee excepting the taker strategy. It is non-custodial and runs on your browser locally. Nash League: Up to $1,000,000 in prizes. Feel free to join the Fabibi's Bot Squad to compete in Nash League. Join the squad A taker removes liquidity from the order book, by immediately executing at the market price against existing orders. This is usually subject to a higher fee, because it takes away valuable liquidity. Buy or sell orders can be subject to maker fees, taker fees, or a mixture of both fee types, depending on how they execute against the order.

Reduces base trading fees to as low as a 0.02% maker fee and a 0.04% taker fee. These trading fee discounts can be used cumulatively for fees as low as 0.015% maker and 0.03% taker. How the BNB discount works. Users get a 25% discount on their trading fees when paying them with Binance's BNB coin. To access this discount you simply need to hold BNB in your Binance account. Then by default. Keuntungan menjadi market maker adalah Anda tidak dikenakan biaya transaksi/fee apapun (0% fee) dalam proses jual-beli Bitcoin dan bisa mentransaksikan Bitcoin di harga yang Anda mau. Kekurangannya, Anda terpaksa harus menunggu beberapa saat sampai harga Bitcoin bergerak menyentuh harga yang Anda mau. Apa itu Market Taker? 'Taker' adalah member Indodax yang membeli atau menjual Bitcoin. En ambos casos, la comisión que pagas disminuye conforme tu volumen aumenta dentro de un rango de 30 días, basándose en el esquema Maker - Taker. Para consultar la tabla completa de comisiones de Bitso por favor da clic aqui. Si deseas saber qué son y cómo se calculan los fees (pago a mineros) da click aquí

#Binance Extends Zero Maker Fee Promotion for BUSD https://binance.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/36003841031 Highest taker fee (0.26%) 3,846 USD: Highest maker fee (0.16%) 6,250 USD: Lowest taker fee (0.10%) 10,000 USD: Lowest maker fee (0.02%) 50,000 USD *Note: Maker fees can actually go as low as 0%, but in that situation KFEE wouldn't need to be used. What else can I use KFEE for? Can be paid with KFEE : Cannot be paid with KFEE: ︎ Trading fees ︎ Opening fees for spot positions on margin ︎.

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cuartoymita.net es un blog sobre gastronomia, bares, restaurantes, tabernas, cocineros y todo lo que tenga que ver con la buena cocina de siempr Zero Maker Fees Offered For All Pax Trading Pairs Through Binance. Leave a Comment / Crypto News / By ttsclinic. Bitfinex Exchange Review. You will be shown the deposit address to which you have to send the selected cryptocurrency. If your wallet has a mobile app, you can scan the barcode to get the address. Otherwise, you will have to copy the full address and paste it on your wallet to make. Otras comisiones en Binance. También existen comisiones para las tasas de trading, en específico para los makers y takers, pero estas tasas dependerán de nivel VIP que tengas. A continuación te daremos una lista con la que puedes guiarte: VIP 0 Maker 0.1000 %/ 0.1000 % Taker; VIP 1 0900% / 0.1000%; VIP 2 0800% / 0.1000%; VIP 3 0700% / 0.1000

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